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Integrated Pest Management Verses Conventional Pest Control

Why could you want to manage pests and not simply kill them? Good question.

Well the very first thing is that the old bug elimination strategy was wrought with problems.

Just killing the pest does not always work in the end. Pests become resistant against chemicals and you can get rid of the predators with just kill it strategies. Then you end up having super bugs with no predators. Even the great DDT a large number of farmers and mosquito control people whined about when it was taken from the marketplace was, when this occurs becoming fairly useless to managing mosquitoes. Already there is quite a lot of resistance in mosquito and also other insect populations this also was determined to deteriorate.

Killing one pest outright can cause the multiplication of some other pest which was present and not an issue. For example lets take the case of the Hemlock Eriophyid Mite as well as the Two Spotted Mite. So you want to kill the Eriophyid and you also choose Sevin since it does indeed a fantastic job killing this mite. Sevin however does not affect Two Spotted Mite mites in any way, but is horrible with this mites predators. Now you have no Eriophid Mites but a population explosion of Two Spotted Mite. So you just traded one problem for another and spent money for your privilege.

Not to note that Eriophyid Mites will rarely build to populations that severely damage a plant. Note that I am not badmouthing Sevin, used properly for your right pest on the correct time this system can be the suitable choice.

Does this suggest that in integrated bug elimination do not ever attempt to kill every pest?

The reply to which is no, sometimes it is the proper way to go, but we choose our battles as well as the results we wish from them more carefully.

You want a good example can you? OK invasive species are one reason where it might be good to use a get rid of strategy, because they pests normally have few or no natural enemies. If there are an item that will kill every Asian Longhorn Beetle but decimate natural predators in the region it will be the obvious option to utilize chemical despite having the loss of predators. Asian longhorn beetle will destroy all favorable trees in the path, being a B science fiction movie. So despite the fact that native pests would, for some time, deteriorate as a result of predator loss these natural predators would recover and nature would resume it’s balance.

Levels of acceptable damage are different and depend upon the pest, crop, use, personal preference and also other factors. One dandelion on the golf green is one two many, but wouldn’t normally be also noticed on the highway median. One Asian Longhorned Beetle is one to numerous, but ten European corn borer in a very patch of Zinnia might be acceptable. The correct application of Integrated Management may leave a residual population of pests in the area. The good technician will evaluate the pest, people, the accessible natural predators as well as the potential for your pest to arrive at damaging levels for your situation before deciding if and ways to treat the challenge.

So if in integrated bug elimination unfortunately we cannot attempt to kill each of the pests, why not just go totally organic and let nature care for everything? Under some circumstances we could and do, but we’ve got changed our environments also how nature can handle problems. Even in a very balanced system you’ll find ebbs and flows in pest populations, and several times great losses. We often expect and want a lot more than nature will give. If you examine an untreated apple tree, there’ll be apples about it but most people wouldn’t normally eat them despite the fact that they are quite edible; worms, apple scab and.

Though there exists still plenty of research to be carried out in the integrated bug elimination field, this process has proven itself to be better then conventional bug elimination in most cases. The proof to this particular is a large number of farmers have adopted the process and also have discovered that they have increased crop yields and reduced expenses.

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